New – kinetic towing cables with 65 tons of breaking strength

We already had towing cables with 50 tons of breaking strength.

And that’s already a lot.


But sometimes it is not enough. Especially in agriculture and in heavy mud soil or clay, you just need a little more.

Hence, we now stock 56 mm kinetic tow rope.

Here we can make a tow rope from 4 to 15 meters within 3 working days.


15 meters is the maximum standard length, but if you need 20 meters, for example, this can also be done on request.

To do so, email


Note that at these lengths, you also need quite a bit of space. With a thickness of 56 mm, you don’t have a tow cable that you just put behind your seat.


Prices start from €249.95 incl VAT

Click on the link below to go directly to the appropriate length:

4 meters – click here

6 meters – click here

9 meters – click here

12 meters – click here

15 meters – click here


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