testen van de scherpte van een bijl met dik manil,la touw

How sharp is your axe or knife? Test it with our thick manila rope

The scene where they test Rambo’s knife with paper is world famous.

This kind of outdoor knife must not only be sharp, but also strong.

And that means not breaking quickly.


So how do you test whether a knife meets those requirements?

Then check out the channel of DBK (Dutch Bushcraft Knives), who sometimes use our manila rope to test knives as well.

And check here what all those knives go through in a test (not coincidentally those of the rambo knife ;-):


But axes must also be sharp and strong, especially if they are multipurpose, such as Silky’s Japanese axes.

Below you can see how it is demonstrated under the eye of interested visitors:


testing the sharpness of an axe with thick manil,la rope
photo courtesy of De Wild BV. The axe used can be found here

If you want to test knives and axes yourself, this is the rope used for this purpose: 36 mm manila.

Click here to view.

This is a nice, thick rope that we supply from stock:


36 mm manila rope packed and almost ready for shipment

This manila rope consists of strong fibers and measures 42 mm in diameter.

So perfect for testing your knife or axe.

If you have any questions about this, please let us know at info@prorope.com

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